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Eco-Green Biodegradable Reusable Shopping Bags

affordable alternative to plastic ... a positive choice for the environment


Save Our Planet. One Bag at a Time!


T-Shirt Shopper Bags

Pick from a variety of styles and designs. T-Shirt Shopper Bags

All bags are available for custom design, style, color and your logo specifications




Small:  24x39 x 13 cm Med: 29 x 50 x 15 cm



Large: 31 x 60 x 18 cm Std: Blue



Std: Green Std: Green





Std: Yellow Std: Yellow




NEW: These T-Shirt Shopper Bags are perfect replacement for Plastic Shopper Bags made from Non Woven biodegradable material. These bags are given to shoppers free of charge due to the low cost as a plastic bag replacement.


    ·     Light weight virtually comparable to plastic bags

    ·     Replace existing plastic bags with 100% biodegradable bags

    ·     Weight carrying capacity 15 - 25 lbs

    ·     Price competitive with plastic bags (with large volumes and standing orders, our bag   only costs a few cents)

    ·     Stores can afford to give these bags for free with merchandize

    ·     Use the existing dispensing stands used for plastic bags that are available in most retail chain stores

    ·     Customizable with your brand and logo

    ·     Help your corporation go truly "GREEN" by eliminating plastic from stores


Wholesale T-Shirt Shopper Bags

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